First Temple with an Angel Moroni Statue + Other Fascinating Temple Firsts

by | Sep. 13, 2016

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Dedication Firsts

Regina Saskatchewan (Dedicated in 1999 by Boyd K. Packer)

The first temple dedicated by someone other than the First Presidency.

Image title

Photo taken in 2001 by Gregg Wood

St. Paul Minnesota (Dedicated on January 9, 2000)

The first of 35 temples dedicated in the year 2000.

Image title

Photo taken in 2007 by Galen Erickson

Halifax Nova Scotia & Regina Saskatchewan (Dedicated November 14, 1999)

The first temples to be dedicated on the same day.

Image title

Photo of the Halifax Nova Scotia Temple taken in 2008 by Joel Glanfield

Laie Hawaii (Dedicated in 1915 rededicated in 1978, rededicated again in 2010)

The first temple to be entirely dedicated (not just additions) three times. 

Image title

Picture taken in 2010 by Brigitte Medgyesy

Miscellaneous Firsts

Quetzaltenango Guatemala (Dedicated in 2011) 

The first temple dedicated by a former refugee (President Dieter F. Uchtdorf).

Image title

Photo taken in 2013 by Wendy Avila

Jordan River Utah (Dedicated in 1979)

The first temple constructed and maintained by donations from local members.

Image title

Photo taken in 2002 by Rick Satterfield

Nauvoo Illinois (Dedicated in 1846)

The first temple with an angel Moroni image on top of it (an angel Moroni weathervane).

Image title

Image circa 1847, Thomas M. Easterly

Salt Lake Temple (Dedicated in 1893)

The first temple with a gold angel Moroni statue on top.

Image title

Photo taken in 2006 by Henok Montoya

All images from ldschurchtemples.com.

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