Flood Facebook With the Book of Mormon Today

by | Jul. 22, 2014

News from Utah

More and more lately we have seen missionary work take to the internet, especially Facebook. Last month many people, including well-known Mormons such as Alex Boye and Lindsey Stirling, participated in an online Book of Mormon event where pictures, testimonies, and experiences were shared. 

A new event titled "Flooding Facebook with the Book of Mormon" has been gaining momentum today. The event was inspired by President Ezra Taft Benson's 1988 talk titled "Flooding the Earth with the the Book of Mormon" and participants are encouraged to simply post a picture of themselves on Facebook, accompanied by their testimony of it. Make sure to use the hashtags #BookofMormon and #IKnowItsTrue! Click here to visit the actual event and find out more.

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