Focusing on the Destination

During a management class in graduate school, one instructor taught a lesson that has stuck with me. She gave each one of us a kaleidoscope and had us enjoy playing with the patterns and colors. She then asked us to observe how easily and beautifully new patterns would form as we made slight adjustments to the outer wheel. She then had us discuss the ways in which these patterns were formed. Was it easier to painstakingly and carefully put each little speck of colored glass where we thought it should go or was it more effective to simply move the outer ring and be surprised at the beautiful pattern that emerged?

At times I have found myself struggling to control all the little pieces of glass that I feel should be a part of my life and that I think are essential for me (and my family) to get where I want to go. Fortunately, a loving Heavenly Father and good friends that appear in my path at just the right time, remind me that it is the “bigger picture” that matters more than the small details. When I initially experienced the break up of my family, I struggled to make sure all the “little pieces” were where they were supposed to be. As a result, I experienced a great deal of stress and frustration as I tried to complete everything on some imaginary checklist that I thought would ensure “success”.

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