Food Storage Essentials: Christmas gifts for peace of mind

During a recent trip we passed through farmland dotted with neatly stacked haystacks. Farmers had prepared to feed their animals during cold winter months by storing alfalfa in a time of abundance for use in a time of scarcity. For millennia this pattern of preparation has been a common practice. People have stored harvest abundance for themselves and their animals for use when food cannot be grown.

Early Mormon pioneers under the direction of Brigham Young were advised to have on hand a year’s supply of food to carry them over until the next season, should they lose their crops.

Today our food supplies are shipped readily from one part of the world to another, insulating us for long periods of time from the events of life that cause food shortages. How easy it is to assume that abundant food will always be available. Knowledge of history, recent events and common sense tell us otherwise.

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