Food storage includes more than just food

Imagine a future disaster where the grocery store shelves are quickly emptied, and your access to any new food supply is immediately cut off. You'll no doubt be proud of your basement full of canned goods, right? But what if you don't have a can opener?

Food storage is about more than just food. For instance, it's not uncommon to find families who have several months (or years) of food stocked up but little to no water storage. Unless they have access to a water source they can collect and purify, these people would have an extremely difficult time preparing their food, cleaning their cooking supplies, keeping up their hygiene and hydrating themselves during a disaster.

Kenneth Moravec, a Community Emergency Response Team instructor from American Fork, Utah, emphasizes this point in his seminars. He says, "We need to seriously look and think through many different scenarios and how they might affect us. When teaching on any emergency preparedness subject, I normally ask people to think of preparing for an earthquake of the worst magnitude and prepare accordingly. This will usually cover most bases for any emergency."

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