For One Person

A single moment—a split-second experience—can change us. Forever.

Several years ago, when my husband, Tim, taught early-morning seminary, we attended an annual training conference for Church Educational System instructors. It was held at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah; at that time we lived in Colorado. So we made the 500-mile drive from North Glenn, Colorado, to the BYU campus in hopes of filling our minds and notebooks with knowledge about the scriptures the students would be studying that year.

In the three years we attended, we were never disappointed. There was always more to learn than we had time to let soak in. I loved learning and feeling the Spirit that was present during those classes. And there was one class I’ll never forget. Well, that isn’t exactly accurate—I have forgotten the topic of the class, but I haven’t forgotten what happened at the beginning of the class before the “official” teaching began.

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