For Parents Who've Lost a Child: One Unforgettable Message from an Apostle

"[Our] love ties are intended by God, our Eternal Father, to endure throughout the eternities. It takes the sting away from death to know that we are going to meet those who are so dear and sacred to us," Elder LeGrand Richards said from personal experience, having lost children of his own.

In the October 1971 general conference, Elder LeGrand Richards of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shared a personal story about his firm belief in eternal families: “There are those of us who have laid away our little ones in the grave, and we had that responsibility.

“A little daughter was born to us over in Holland while I was president of the mission there, and we kept her until she was three and a half years old. My wife has said time and time again that she knew the angels brought that spirit to her because she felt their presence, and yet we laid her away in the grave. If we had to feel that that was the end, we would have given anything in this world to have her back again.

“And then we come to this great knowledge that we have in the restoration of the gospel, that she will be ours in the eternal world and we will have the joy of seeing her grow up without sin, unto salvation.

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