For Those Who Dread Paying Tithing & Those Who've Never Had a Tithing Miracle

We love those stories of members who pay their tithing and receive miraculous financial help. But what about those members who've never had such an experience? What about those who are faithful to this commandment but always struggle to make ends meet? What about those who don't yet have a testimony of this commandment?

This might transform the way you see paying tithing:

If you’ve been going to church long enough…you have surely heard someone tell a variation of a story about how just after they paid their tithing, there appeared an extra five hundred bucks in their back pocket. In many of these similar stories, the person telling the story feels that they are been rewarded financially because of their obedience to the law of tithing.

If you haven’t heard that type of story, then maybe you’ve sat with a wealthy member of the church and listened as they’ve attributed their good fortune to their diligence in paying a consistent tithe throughout their life. Provided they made their wealth legitimately, then who can find fault with them for wanting to humbly ascribe their wealth to keeping the commandments. Why wouldn’t God want to bless someone who willfully and graciously pays a tithe?

I mean, it’s right there in the scriptures over and over again right…? “Inasmuch as ye shall keep the commandments, ye shall prosper in the land.” [Source: Almost every other chapter in the Book of Mormon]

So…I’ve been thrown into a couple different quandaries:

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