For better work/life balance, make time for 'dates'

If you're a working parent, you've likely heard — and probably participated in — the debate about quality time vs. quantity time when it comes to your children.

This column is not going to settle that debate.

However, as I try to bring my work life and home life into better balance, I have recently rediscovered something that helps me satisfy both my own quality and quantity concerns.

It's the father/child outing.

Six years ago, these were known as daddy/daughter dates in our family, and I was doing a pretty good job of spending some time with one of my girls every Saturday. I looked forward to these events as much as they did, even if they consisted of only a quick trip out for breakfast or time in a store running errands.

My girls were all little then, but I treasure the memory of those outings. They gave us a chance to talk one-on-one. I learned so much about what my girls were doing in school, what they liked and disliked, what they hoped for, what they feared.

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