For-profit arm of Church unveils new mission

by | Jan. 08, 2010

News from Utah

Deseret Management Corp., the for-profit arm of The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints, has unveiled a new mission statement.

Mark Willes, president and chief executive officer of DMC, unveiled the mission statement during a daylong meeting Thursday of managers of the various media companies: KSL Television and Radio, Deseret Book, Deseret News and the newly created Deseret Digital Media.

The mission is summarized as: "We are trusted voices of light and knowledge reaching hundreds of millions of people."

"There are some who would say that you're just this little, teeny Utah-based company, how can you possibly have that ambition?" Willes says. "But what's interesting is that the values we have are shared worldwide. Many of the issues that we deal with are nationwide, and in some cases worldwide, and so if we can do an absolutely fabulous job talking about those issues, explaining those issues, telling stories that are compelling, we believe it'll not only be of interest not only in our local market but, on occasion, literally around the world."

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