Forgiveness; It’s About Time

For the past 13 months this post has been stirring in my heart. I actually went to post it on one of my other blogs nearly a year ago, and it just didn’t feel right. I have considered sending it in to the Ensign. I have thought it should be a letter to a few specific individuals. A person close to the situation suggested I write a book. I have almost come to the conclusion that it’s not to be made public at all. None of it has felt right, and so, I have stored it in my heart and waited.

This morning as I was washing bottles at my sink, it hit me, without a doubt, that I was to post it now, and post it here. I claim no doctrinal authority, practical know how for others, or anything really, other than this it what happened for me and it changed my entire life. It changed my soul and the way I look at everything.

As I share this, I ask that you make an effort to refrain from making judgments and inferences about my parents, and their actions, that I have not stated. They are not pertinent to your understanding what I hope to share, and I would greatly appreciate it. It is my intent to honor my parents always, and in all ways. I hope I have done that here.

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