Forgiveness and a flying frozen turkey changed Vicky Ruvolo

by | Aug. 26, 2011

Everything Else

When you decide there is a greater purpose to your life, it can set events in motion in ways you never imagined. Just ask Vicky Ruvolo.

Six years ago I wrote a column about her ordeal after a teenager on a thoughtless joyride tossed a frozen turkey at the car she was driving on Long Island. The impact shattered her face and nearly killed her. But her reaction to what happened has brought life and renewal to many people.

Ruvolo decided to forgive her assailant, a then-19-year-old Ryan Cushing. She learned all she could about his background, then insisted on pressing for a light sentence. In the emotional courtroom scene that followed, Ruvolo and Cushing tearfully embraced.

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