Former BYU star John Beck excited about his new opportunity

by | Aug. 05, 2010

Saints & Sports

John Beck's days after his trade from the Ravens to the Redskins have been so intense his family hasn't heard from him since Monday.

From the Beck household in Mesa, Ariz., where John Beck played at nearby Mountain View, his father says the last time he heard from his son was Monday when John called for some help filling out some tax forms.

"He was sitting in the Redskins' quarterback team room filling out papers," said his father, Wendell Beck.

Since that time, one can only imagine what's going on with the Washington QB, who is trying to digest an entirely new offense on the fly.

"I can tell you this," Wendell Beck said. "From talking to him on Monday, I don't think my son has been as happy as this in a long, long time. He may even be more excited than when he was drafted by the Dolphins on draft day."

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