Former Buddhist monk solid in his LDS testimony

Mani Seangsuwan learned to be patient, to sacrifice and to serve as a Buddhist monk.

As a Mormon he learned to hope.

He found deep joy.

He discovered why he's here on earth.

"For two years, I studied Buddhism in the Wats in Bangkok," Seangsuwan writes in his book "Monk to Missionary." "I learned sacred techniques towards self-mastery. I was taught to gain control over every thought, action and feeling that I ever encountered …

"As a monk, I was to teach self-mastery and show by example what true happiness was.

"However, despite the deep love that I had for the Thai people and Thai culture, I was haunted with feelings that there was still something missing in my life," Seangsuwan continued.

He actually became a monk in an effort to find the answers that were eluding him.

Then an LDS serviceman introduced the idea of Christianity to Seanguswan and told him about young men in white shirts and ties who teach Christian beliefs.

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