Former Cougar Lewis has eyes opened in overseas NFL tour

One local sports personality who'll never be accused of negativity or bitterness is former Philadelphia Eagles tight end Chad Lewis. He's a walking, talking Dale Carnegie, whose outlook on life in general and people in particular is always sprinkled with sugar and sunshine.

In a four-hour golf round at Thanksgiving Point on Wednesday to benefit the Boy Scouts of America, Lewis didn't disappoint. When it was over, you felt like hugging a light pole and proclaiming the shine it put off was just outstanding.

You knew you were with Lewis when you'd hit a bad drive and he'd tell you it was a good shot, good swing, a good job.

It was fun to get his take on his most recent activity.

Lewis is the NFL's official international ambassador, and league officials regularly send him to China to speak Mandarin Chinese and represent the league. Other than Houston Rockets center Yao Ming and other native Asian professionals, he may be the only guy in America's major professional sports scene who speaks Chinese.

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