Former LDS mission president, Honduran official killed by robbers

by | Apr. 19, 2010

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A prominent Honduran member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints died last week after an attack by carjackers as he traveled to the LDS temple in Guatemala.

Salomon Jaar, 48, a Honduran government official and former LDS Area Authority Seventy, mission president, stake president and bishop, was driving with family and a friend on a highway from El Salvador to Guatemala City, Guatemala's Interior Ministry spokesman Nery Morales said.

Berta Lucia Bueso, Jaar's wife, said one of the robbers struck her husband in the stomach, causing him to vomit, which led to his death. An autopsy revealed that Jaar died of "asphyxiation by aspiration," Guatemalan officials said. Jaar suffered from a disease called myasthenia gravis and was in a weak condition, said his son-in-law, Jeremiah Robison, who lives in Utah.

"It was something very quick, it was microseconds and I wasn't hurt by the robbers," Bueso said last week during a press conference at the Honduran Embassy in Guatemala City. "They just asked that I cooperate. They took our jewelry and the little money we carried."

An elite unit of Guatemala's national police has been assigned to the case. Jaar was the presidential commissioner for southern Honduras and had a successful career in international business.

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