Four Years

I exercised this morning for the first time in four years. FOUR YEARS. The last time I regularly exercised was before I got pregnant with my fourth child in 2006. This morning, I started my step video and was already breathing hard when I heard the instructor say something about warm-ups. Warm-ups?!?! I’m working this hard at warm-ups?

As I was exercising, trying to move muscles tight from years of neglect (and trying not to step on my 3 year old who was sharing the step with me), I reflected back on the last time I did this. I had it more together back then. Sure, I was busy, but I regularly fit in scripture study and exercise. I felt centered and happy.

Somehow, in four years, between two more babies and busy church callings, I dropped the ball. My scripture study has been sporadic, exercise non-existant. I don’t feel as strong as I used to be.

After I finished my workout and morning chores and got the kiddos down to nap, I sat down to read in the book of Ether. Two words in chapter two caught my eye: four years.

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