Freedom and the Light of Christ

For the last year I’ve been working on a project with filmmaker Lee Groberg about our Founding Fathers. I have been studying them, their faith and motivation. Now, more than 230 years after their day, the question of freedom stays. Today more than ever, there are so many opinions about what will make a person “free” that it seems like the question rather than the answer has become part of the human makeup. Freedom is at the core of every decision we make.

I have also come to understand freedom as the ability to move and act—both physically and spiritually. Human beings naturally want to grow and expand. The drive for freedom is inherent in everyone because of the Light of Christ. Although some of America’s Founding Fathers were not what we would call “Christian,” the Light of Christ was evident as they debated the merits and meanings of freedom. This drove their natural instinct to shrug oppression. President Boyd K. Packer illustrates:

Conscience affirms the reality of the Spirit of Christ in man. It affirms, as well, the reality of good and evil, of justice, mercy, honor, courage, faith, love, and virtue, as well as the necessary opposites—hatred, greed, brutality, jealousy. Such values, though physically intangible, respond to laws with cause-and-effect relationships as certain as any resulting from physical laws. The Spirit of Christ can be likened unto a “guardian angel” for every person. (“The Light of Christ,” Ensign, April 2005, )

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