From lemonade to wheelchairs

Even though the economy has been tough, I thought it was a bit early for a kid to set up a lemonade stand in mid-April. Typically those stands pop up in June when the summer heat starts rising. To my surprise, however, I discovered that lemonade entrepreneur Zackary Bird had something far more serious on his mind. He was raising money for a wheelchair. Not for himself, but for someone he doesn’t even know.

Zack got the idea from Margaret Ludlow, president of a parent-teacher organization at Wasatch Elementary School in Provo, Utah. Following the devastation in Haiti, it occurred to Margaret and her friend Suzanne Kerchinznek that lots of people would need wheelchairs.

Margaret presented her idea to Provo school board member Marianne Christianson. Intrigued by the idea, Marianne said she knew someone in her neighborhood — Barett Christensen — who worked for LDS Philanthropies. She told Barett that they wanted to help children at Wasatch Elementary learn how they can make a difference.

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