From 'partying frat guy' to faithful Mormon

n my introductory article, I introduced readers to my alter ego, “Special K,” while suggesting that I was perhaps “The Most Interesting Mormon in the World.”

So how did I go from a partying frat guy and R&B disc jockey to a faithful Latter-day Saint, returned missionary and former bishop.

Frankly, I was blindsided by the Holy Spirit.

As August 1980 began, I was at the top of my game as an African-American college student in the South. I was 22 years old and legal to enjoy the adult beverages of my choice. My radio program on North Carolina State's college station aired twice a week, and I had a successful DJ business doing dances and occasional nightclub parties and events. Fraternity life was great, and my dream of helping to establish a Kappa Alpha Psi chapter at State was realized during the fall semester.

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