From the Church: Are Mormons Christian?

The seemingly never-ending discussion among some Bible-believing Christians -- "Are Mormons Christian?" -- cropped up again last week, this time in the respected First Thoughts blog attached to First Things magazine.

The initial post and the steady stream of responses showed once again that, for some on both sides of the debate, the positions are entrenched. And unfortunately, they both have a tendency to talk past one another. For most Latter-day Saints, any dispute as to whether they are Christians misses the mark, since they know whom they worship as the Son of God and they are at least as familiar with the King James Bible's account of that matchless life as their counterparts in other faiths. To make things clear, for Latter-day Saints there is absolutely no equivocation on these central doctrinal points: Jesus Christ is the Son of God, sent to Earth to teach the truth and redeem mankind. He died on the cross and was literally resurrected three days later. He atoned for the sins of mankind.

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