Fulfilling a promise to Chang Mama

I served as a full-time missionary in the Taiwan Taipei Mission in late 1976. At that time, it was common for missionaries to hire a local person to cook and clean for them. Chang Mama was our houselady. She was a wonderful lady. She had been baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints two years previously, and took her religion seriously.

One day my companion felt ill, so we stayed in our apartment. Chang Mama and I spent most of that afternoon talking. She told me about a very vivid dream she had recently had.

In her dream she stood on a mountain. Suddenly, a shaft of light came down upon her, and took her up toward heaven. She enjoyed that very much, flying like that. Then a voice said to her, "Prepare to go to the Japan Temple," and the light took her up into heaven. (This was several years before the temple in Taiwan was announced.) She worried that the voice made no mention of her husband, who was less active. She loved him very much and wanted to be sealed to him and their children.

She asked me the meaning of this dream. Frankly, I was puzzled. I told her I did not know what it meant, except that I was sure she should prepare herself to go to the temple.

I thought little more of this incident, and she never spoke of it again to me.

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