Fun for Less: Site of the Christmas Truce

by | Dec. 29, 2010

Themed Travel

When you travel the world, take time to visit places that will touch your heart.

Just outside the small town of Ypres, Belgium is located a farmer’s field.   Marie and I  went looking for this farmer’s field in September of 2010.  What we saw was a field like all the others around it with neatly furrowed rows. The time of the season we visited meant no crops would be growing there.

But Marie and I did not go there to visit just a farmer’s field.  It was a place we both have always wanted to visit because it was here on December 25, 1914 that a modern miracle occurred.  It was here that entrenched enemies sat in the muddy earth opposite each other along what became known as the Western Front of  World War I.  It was here that opposing generals from the British and German lines became dismayed over their troops laying down there arms for a few days to celebrate Christmas together in a spontaneous gesture of peace and goodwill towards men.

The simple wooden cross that marks the site of the famous Christmas Truce symbolizes the Christian nature of what happened here.

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