20 of the Funniest Moments in General Conference

He's Breathing My Air

What parent can't relate?

What Does It Have to Do with Airplanes?

An essential question we should ask ourselves every time Elder Uchtdorf approaches the pulpit.

Curious Workmanship

The ways of the Lord and of modern technology are indeed curious. (The jokes are told from 0:00 to 1:20, but stick around and listen to more of this great talk.)

A Bucket of Bricks

Even President Hinckley can't keep a straight face telling this story.

The Rush of Revelation

After a solemn assembly, the announcement of eight new temples, the calling of two new apostles, and changes to elders quorums and ministering, Elder Holland's witty remarks captured the feelings of so many. (Watch from 0:00 to 0:45 for the biggest laughs, though the whole talk is phenomenal.)

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