20 of the Funniest Moments in General Conference

Since Then I've Been Trying to Repent

What an example of humility and humor.

"Dieter, Don't Even Think About It"

Oh, how wise to listen to the counsel of our prophets.


Who can forget that the first time Elder Gong approached the pulpit as an apostle, he graced us with a musical performance?

Kicked It All to Pieces

You have to admire this girl for acting on her prayers. (Story told from 12:26 to 13:03.)

One Little Match

No one can top President Monson when it comes to engaging storytelling.


Love this story? Own it for yourself in this wonderful children's book.

Readers of all ages will resonate with this wonderful true story that demonstrates the blessings of obedience and "the dangers that can come from something as small as one little match."  

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