One Powerful Quote from Every Talk in April 2016 General Conference

by | Apr. 05, 2016


Though conference has come and gone, the words of our inspiring Church leaders are still reverberating in many of our minds and hearts. They offered much counsel, issued many calls to action, and showed their love for us.

With so many wonderful teachings shared over the pulpit, here is a list of one powerful quote from every speaker to help you remember all we learned this weekend.

Women's Session

"He Asks Us to Be His Hands," Cheryl A. EsplinImage title

Image from Deseret News.

"What Shall We Do?" Neill F. MarriottImage title

Image from Deseret News.

I Was a Stranger," Linda K. BurtonImage title

Image from Deseret News.

"Trust in That Spirit Which Leadeth to Do Good," President Henry B. EyringImage title

Image from Deseret News.

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