Get Me to the Church On Time

Lots of par­ents and as a con­se­quence some PH lead­ers are frus­trated by fam­i­lies arriv­ing late for church. My fam­ily has its own issues but one of them is not being late for church. Our Church starts at 8:30 and we have 5 boys rang­ing from 9 to 11 months. Here is our strategy.

1. Sat­ur­day night. All clothes are laid out. Socks, shoes, out­fits etc. Every­thing is laid out at the foot of the kids beds. Baths are also done on Sat­ur­day night. Church bags includ­ing dia­per bags are also packed on Sat­ur­day night and are ready to go. Break­fast bowls, spoons, cereal etc are already on the kitchen table.

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