Getting the most out of attending the temple

LaDawn Gibbons remembers being in a tiny branch in the Ukraine the day after the announcement of a Mormon temple in Kiev.

The branch met in an auto mechanic school that was very different than the LDS chapels many others across the world meet in.

After her husband, Elder Larry W. Gibbons, then serving in the area presidency in Russia, made the announcement during sacrament meeting, the dozen or so attendees started jumping up and down.

"They all heard (the news), but they would say it all over again," LaDawn Gibbons said during a recent presentation at BYU's Women's Conference on "Honorably Hold a Name and Standing' based on a talk by Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve

That temple will be dedicated Aug. 29, and is the first temple in the former Soviet bloc.

There is a power in attending the temple, Gibbons said. During the Kirtland Temple dedication, Joseph Smith asked if those there could be endowed and armed with power -- two of the blessings of modern temples.

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