Getting the most out of church meetings

Let's face it. Sometimes our church meetings are great; sometimes they're not. In a church without formally trained pulpit orators, things are bound to be a bit uneven. (In my judgment, professional preachers pose their own substantial problems, but that's another topic.)

And we have lots of meetings. Accordingly, people sometimes fail to embrace the gospel or remain active in the church because, they say, they haven't found our meetings sufficiently nourishing or stimulating.

There is plenty of room for improvement. Our sacrament meetings are our principal weekly worship service, and they should offer rich food for reflection and recommitment. Obviously, those of us who speak and teach in church — and, sooner or later, that's all of us — should prayerfully seek to ensure that what we present is worth presenting and to present it as well as we can. The effort is worthwhile: Any given lesson or talk may affect somebody's eternity.

We must also, though, try to get as much as we can from what is presented.

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