Ghanaian Triplets, Converts Return from 3 Separate Missions in Nigeria

by | May 12, 2016

Mormon Life

Dicken, Dickson, and Dick Bonsrah are a set of Ghanaian triplets who recently returned home from serving their missions, and all three of them served in Nigeria. Dicken served in the Nigeria Eunugu Mission, Dickson served in the Nigeria Porthacourt Mission, and Dick in the Nigeria Lagos Mission. LDS Missionaries recently featured these three missionaries and their testimonies.

Converts from a small town, Obosomase, in the eastern region of Ghana, Dicken, Dickson, and Dick were introduced to the gospel through their schooling.

Though their parents are not members, the triplets say their mother supported their decision to serve their Heavenly Father.

Here are the testimonies the three brothers shared with LDS Missionaries:

“Our testimony is that we know fully and truly that there is a God in heaven and he loves us and the Book of Mormon is also another testament and the prophet Joseph Smith was called of God.

“So we found about the Church through our guardians, the Opare family. We came to school in their school and through that we became members. We knew everything about the Church was true. I loved the plan of salvation. I had never heard of it, so when I heard of it, I was happy. My parents gave us the consent to be baptized. Like earlier said, our mentor has been the Opare family. I wanted to first broaden my knowledge or testimony about Jesus Christ and His church, and I had the desire to share the restored gospel. My mother’s first name is Doris. Dick Bonsrah’s (favorite) scripture is king Benjamin. Dicken’s is also king Benjamin and Dickson’s is Moroni. Dick’s favorite scripture is Jacob 2:17-19. Dickson’s favorite scripture is Mosiah 2:41 and Dicken’s favorite is 2 Corinth 4:8-10.”

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