Give us this day our Daily, One-of-a-Kind, World-Famous, Awesome Magic Brand Bread

by | Sep. 27, 2010

I was just a Beehive when those rosy, soft around the edges Homefront commercials rolled out on late-night television. These iconic spots featured families in motion, well-coifed moms and busy pops who metamorphosed from 90’s corporate dads to storyteller/ballplayer dads in 30 seconds.

Family, isn’t it about time? asked the ads. They were a bit schmaltzy, they were a bit dewy, they were a bit, well backlit. But here’s much forgotten takeaway – they were effective.

This little tagline, this bookend to each commercial was extremely successful. Little by little, public perceptions started to change. People started to pair the word “Mormon” with the word “Family.” Congratulations, branding team. Mission(ary) accomplished.

So, seeing the newest efforts is a bit puzzling to me, because the takeaway word I’m hearing this time around is “same.”

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