Glass sculptor produces more than 72,000 miniature LDS temples

For many years, glass temples of miniature proportions have topped wedding cakes of LDS couples.

One former business that sold glass LDS temples and other miniature figurines closed its doors three years ago.

Long-time residents may remember the business Krystal Kreations, which was located in an Orem mall. People would gather round the counter, as glass sculptors would create tiny figurines on site.

However, the glass sculptor of the LDS temples worked behind the scenes. Her name is Marge Rosebrook. She has been creating these works of art locally for more than 30 years. She introduced her temple creations to the former owner of Krystal Kreations. They quickly became one of the most popular items on the shelves.

Rosebrook has produced more than 72,000 glass temples during her career, creating replicas of the 133 operating temples throughout the world. These miniature creations have created sentimental feelings for their owners.

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