Go behind the scenes in 'Another Testament'

In "Another Testament: Reflections of Christ" the viewer is treated to a behind-the-scenes look at what went into filming this feature film.

Shown at the 2010 LDS Film Festival on Jan. 23, the 60-minute documentary is the work of Mark Mabry and Cameron Trejo featuring Robert Allen as Christ.

Allen deserves a large measure of applause for his work because without a very sincere and humble man playing the part of the Savior visiting his other sheep, the film would fall flat.

Allen stands quietly, reverently as the Honduran villagers who've been asked to be actors in the film come up to hug and embrace him. His expression is loving. His emotions are genuine.

Mabry points out that no one is scripted to come forward and the scene is allowed to evolve naturally.

As a result, the images are moving and real.

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