Going to the temple: A defining moment

by | Mar. 15, 2010

What We Believe

I will never forget my experience of going to the temple for the first time, before I went on my mission. I don’t remember taking a temple preparation class or hearing any details before I arrived. I was well aware of the importance of being worthy, but nothing beyond that.

I distinctly remember the three-hour drive with my parents and a couple of friends to the Oakland Temple. We pulled into the parking lot, and as I stepped out of the car I was taken off guard as I was quickly overcome with the Spirit of the Lord.

I was overwhelmed with emotion as the tears exploded from my eyes. I went straight to my dad, who was just getting out of the front seat, and explained that I was overcome by the Spirit. He pulled me into his arms and held me close, as the tears flowed.

In that moment, he gave me the only temple preparation course I ever received. He said, “Becky, remember when you go through those doors, you are committed to the Lord for the rest of your life.”

If I had heard that comment at any other moment, I may have felt overwhelmed, or incapable. But with the influence of the Holy Ghost, I felt empowered. I was ready and committed to do whatever the Lord wanted me to do.

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