Gospel Doctrine apologetics: D&C lesson 32

by | Aug. 19, 2009

Lesson Helps

This week: Lesson 32, “To Seal the Testimony” (D&C 135).

Subjects covered: The martyrdom of Joseph Smith.

Potential issues:

* Joseph Smith as a martyr (related: Martyrdom in Christian history).
* Joseph fired a gun in Carthage Jail (related: The Church is hiding this fact).
* The Nauvoo Legion was supposed to rescue Joseph.
* The Council of Fifty / Joseph Smith anointed “king of the world”.
* Joseph’s Presidential candidacy.
* The Nauvoo Expositor.
* “Oh Lord, my God” was a Masonic distress call.
* Status of Joseph Smith in LDS belief (related: Joseph as subject of hymns).
* Joseph Smith is the Holy Ghost.

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