Gospel Doctrine lesson #10: “This is my voice unto all”

Section 25 is remarkable because it is the only revelation in the Doctrine & Covenants given to a woman. It’s also remarkable because Latter-day Saints trace the origin of their hymnals to this section. It begins with addressing Emma Smith and concludes with “this is my voice unto all,” so there is universally applicable advice in the section, but there is also prophecy that seems to be just for Emma.

The Teacher’s Manual and the Student Manual take different approaches to this section, and have different perspectives. The Student Manual provides some historical context and gives commentary on each verse. The manual suggests that verse 16 (“this is my voice unto all”) “has application to all, especially women.” I am grateful the Teacher’s Manual doesn’t tack on that qualifier, but begins with discussion of how “husbands and wives should support and comfort each other” (emphasis mine).

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