Gospel "Echoes" in Native American Beliefs Help in One Man's Conversion

MR says: Learn about the incredible faith and missionary work happening right now among Native American Latter-day Saints.

During my youth I gained a great love for our Native American and First Nation peoples when several Native American youth lived in my ward during the school months.

As I have read and studied the Book of Mormon through the years, my love for the descendants of Lehi and Sariah has grown—especially as I have read prophecies about the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ being preached among these sons and daughters of God in our day in many nations of the earth and have pondered the great joy that comes to each person by increasing understanding of divine potential and the ability to create eternal families.

Some recent assignments have happily brought me into contact with Native American Latter-day Saints in North America and have caused me to reflect upon the growth of the Church among these beloved Saints.

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