Gospel Essentials Lesson 1: Our Heavenly Father

by | Jan. 06, 2010

Lesson Helps

We’ve noticed that people have been a little nervous about starting this new manual, so I’ve put in more material here than is necessary. Pick and choose what you find most helpful.

I think this it’s helpful to remember that these lessons aren’t designed to be a lecture but a discussion. And, with a topic like God, this is particularly important because it would be pretty awful to hear one teacher pontificate on the nature of God for the full class period. We all have different ways we experience God that are meaningful to each of us. So, this lesson shouldn’t be one that lacks for people want to share their experiences.

...One more thing, in the past, I have put my words in italics and the manual’s in regular font. This time, because I mostly used the questions and headers from the manual and added quite a bit of my own commentary, I have put the manual stuff in italics and my words in regular font.

There Is a God

• What are some things that testify to you that there is a God?

Usually, I don’t open with a question, but this one that the manual suggests is intriguing and the answers one gets can really set the tone for the rest of the lesson, which is why I would recommend calling 3-4 class members a few days before the lesson and ask them to have an answer—a story, a piece of art, a poem, a scripture, a hymn, whatever they’d like.

This section goes on to use scriptures as examples of who God is and what God does. I wouldn’t use all of them, but I think one or two would be helpful for generating more discussion.

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