Gospel Principles Lesson 10: Scriptures

by | May 11, 2010

Lesson Helps

As I prepared this lesson, I feel like the first few sections will be pretty quick discussions unless you have a ward full of brand-spankin’ new converts who didn’t get taught about the four books of scripture during their missionary discussions. Or maybe I’d just skip over them because I think it’s all kinds of fun to talk exegesis, i.e. biblical interpretation. My thoughts are in italics, more official sources are presented in regular font.

I’d start this lesson with the hymn, “As I Search the Holy Scriptures” on pg 277—this alone could teach the lesson.

The Scriptures Are Available to Us Today

We are blessed to have four books of scriptures, but with that blessing comes the responsibility. I love the following quote by Sister Okazaki in her book, Aloha:

The manuals and the Ensign and other commentaries and sermons and essays are meaningful and perceptive; but if we read only them and don’t study the scriptures for ourselves, we still have only a secondhand relationship with the scriptures.

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