Gospel gifts shared through kindness, forgiveness

Gospel gifts are more than the blessings Heavenly Father bestows on his children, they are the gifts people give and receive from each other, said the speaker at Tuesday’s devotional.

C. Jeffrey Belliston, assistant university librarian for Scholarly Communication Assessments and Personnel, explained gospel gifts symbolize Jesus Christ and teach givers and receivers the true meaning of charity.

“Gospel gifts are gifts which point us to or typify Jesus Christ,” Belliston said.

Belliston read a list of specific gifts God gave his children in the scriptures, such as mercy, peace, favor in the sight of others, light, sorrow of mind when disobedient, strength and the desires of their hearts.

While most gifts are expected to be positive and uplifting blessings, other gifts — such as weakness or trials — are confused as a cursing from God.

Some blessings are disguised as weakness or trials, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be recognized as gospel gifts.

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