Gratigories - A Thanksgiving Twist on Scattergories

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. You don’t get any nasty religious vs. secular fights; you don’t have to worry that your friend is going to show up with a gift wrapped turkey for you and you didn’t even buy her a sweet potato; the menu is basically set. It just doesn’t have the baggage and drama of other holidays (I’m talkin’ to YOU Christmas!). The only real requirement is that you count your blessings which is a rather enjoyable exercise. In fact, for Primary one year I invented “Gratitgories” (similar to Scategories) which in addition to being a fun way of talking about blessings is also competitive and placates those relatives that NEED to win, even in giving thanks. Here’s what you do: down the left side of a piece of paper write either THANKS or GRATITUDE and then have everyone write a word that starts wtih each letter, ie “trees” after T. You get one point for each unique answer. So if Aunt Sue also put down “trees,” no one gets a point. Try that at your table.
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