Great art inspires to greater heights at the Carl Bloch exhibit

In 1880, LDS poet and essayist Hannah Tapfield King wrote, “Nature and art are twins, born of beauty and brought from heaven! All the grand sculptors have taken their models from nature — beautiful, glorious nature, the child of God!” She added the caveat, “If the artist, painter or sculptor has had a sublime, poetical, heaven-inducted soul, so far has he or she excelled their contemporaries.”

King described visiting the galleries and museums that house great art as “a feast (that) none but those who witness such can understand or appreciate. … In the figures, the attitudes, the expression, there is a spirit in each that is felt but not told by articulate sounds.” She wrote eloquently of “The Dying Gladiator” and “Venus di Medici,” two sculptures that remind us that in nature, man is God’s greatest creation.

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