Green gospel? Some Mormons welcome faith's eco-push

Mormons who worship at a new "green" meetinghouse at the edge of Farmington Bay will be able, at a glance, to see the good fruits of 156 solar panels on the building's south roof.

A monitor in the new stake center's library not only will show the number of megawatts the panels are producing that hour, day and week, but also will translate that into the number of toasters, light bulbs and hair dryers that could be powered.

The building's hour-by-hour electrical use and its carbon-emission savings also will be posted, says Dean Davies, managing director of physical facilities for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Our members, youth groups and children," Davies says, "can come in and see."

For while the Utah-based faith moves toward "green" construction in all its meetinghouses -- a move signaled this week during a tour of the Farmington stake center prototype -- it's important that rank-and-file Mormons know they are to be stewards of the environment as well.

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