Haiti now: Mormon Church members resume lives after quake

Five days after the Haiti earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010, I was witness to the massive destruction of a city and an enormous loss of life and misery. To say that covering this scene was jarring would be the understatement of the century.

Most photojournalists would agree that somehow a camera held to the eye acts as a shield and barrier while photographing the worst moments of life and death.

Dallas freelance photojournalist Lawrence Jenkins, who covered the earthquake initially and has been back to Haiti three times, simplified it by saying the camera allows a photographer to detach himself from the scene. It was only afterward, while editing the horrific images, that he began to cry over the misery he had witnessed. Hopefully, those who see the images that photographers shoot can bring about change, he added.

"I understand what post-traumatic stress is a little better now," Jenkins said.

Fast forward seven months in Port-au-Prince, and it doesn't appear to me that much has changed in the streets. Many houses and buildings still lay in ruin, with rare rebuilding efforts in effect. The Haitian people's happiness has improved, however, with some jobs and schooling opportunities, according to Haitian LDS Bishop Harry Mardy.

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