Haitian orphan rescue - The story behind the story

When a team of 125 Latter-day Saint volunteers flew to Haiti last Thursday, they intended to send back the empty plane to the United States full of orphans ready for adoption. These were not the children newly orphaned by the earthquake, but orphans whose hopeful, adoptive parents had been working three to four tedious years to try to bring them out of the broken country where orphans languish and die for lack of nutrition and care.

What the LDS team could not have anticipated was that rescuing these children and saving their shattered lives would become a harrowing, dramatic race against time, where every minute counted and events had to come together in a perfect orchestration.

Some background:

Haiti teems with orphans, brown-eyed children, who scramble for survival. Orphans are Haiti’s most flourishing crop. Even before the earthquake, of Haiti’s 8.3 million population, it is estimated that 380,000 of them were orphans. Now, no one can be sure of the number, as these children roam the streets and crouch untended in hidden corners, but guesses are that number may have doubled.

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