Handling Politics in Church Classes

This past Sunday while we were talking about the story of Jael, a brother who often participates in class discussion stood and said, “This reminds me of our duty to wage just war.” He went on and on about a supposed duty to wage offensive war, and how we neglect that duty too often today, and … and … and it took me quite a while to find an opening to break into his monologue and change the subject.

Two months ago during the Gospel Principles lesson on prayer, our Relief Society teacher read an interminable list of things we should pray for. When she got to the political section of her list, she instructed us to pray for the Tea Party agenda in specific detail. Oh, she didn’t mention the Tea Party by name, but she told us we needed to pray that our taxes won’t be raised any higher, and that our leaders won’t take this country down the path to socialism, and that we can replace all our bad leaders at the next election. She returned to the theme of “taxes are too high” several times during the lesson without any specific tie-in to prayer other than, I guess, we were supposed to pray that her friend doesn’t lose her house when “they”  raise taxes.

One ward member has a standard symbol dredged up whenever she wants to point out how fast the world is sinking into anarchy and evil: “Those people who want us to pay for their health care.”
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