Harvey Unga

July has been a busy, but good, time for former BYU footbal standout Harvey Unga. On July 4th his first child was born. He is getting married today (the 16th) to Keilani Moeak. And yesterday he was selected by the Chicago Bears in the seventh round of the NFL supplemental draft.

I see this as a win-win. BYU won by sticking to their guns and enforcing the honor code when his fiance became pregnant and it became obvious that they had had premarital sex. It’s easy to enforce the code in the case of some no-name freshman, but Harvey was a football star and in some ways the face of the program. Holding to the honor code showed that the school was serious about it, and had moved on from the embarrassingly laissez-faire approach a few years ago. When this happened, BYU got a lot of positive press around the country for sticking to its guns.

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