What Have We Really Learned From the Pioneers?

MR says: The pioneers moved forward, unified in purpose, following the prophet's counsel. What of that spirit remains with us today?

We live in a world full of discontent and contention. It is so very easy to get caught up in all of that. We are taught to love our neighbor, and that contention is not right, but when everything begins to fall apart around us, and everyone else seems to be bickering, we sometimes fall right into it ourselves.

I was reading an article in the July Ensign by Elder Marcus B. Nash, Of the Seventy, entitled “Pioneers: An Anchor for Today.” Elder Nash talked about the Mormon pioneers and their incredible efforts to cross the plains and build Zion. I was struck by the following paragraph.

This sense of community and mutually shared responsibility produced a unified effort to follow God’s prophet. That is a major reason the pioneers succeeded as they did, and it is an important part of the legacy they pass to us. They whisper that we too will prosper through the Lord’s power only to the degree we act as one with a sense of community and mutual responsibility in following the Lord’s prophet (Elder Marcus B. Nash, Of the Seventy, “Pioneers: An Anchor for Today,” July 2015 Ensign).
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