Have you ever put down a novel for being too clean?

When I'm not writing, I'm often reading. There are so many incredibly talented authors out there that I consider the local Barnes and Noble to be a writer's university. New ideas about composition, character development, point of view, and the other aspects of telling a good story occur to me while reading someone else's good work.

I never deliberately copy another writer's style or incorporate elements of a novel I read into a novel I write. I just expect that what I read and what I write will sort of mix in my subconscious and give me a richer palette the next time I set out to paint a story.

Lately, some of what I've been reading has taught me something that I have resolved not to do. Ever.

Mark the date and save this text. I will never use foul, crude, disgusting language or create explicit images of sex or graphic violence.

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