Head of Church Public Affairs in Washington Post: Religious expression is a fundamental right

Freedom of expression, including sharing one's faith with others, is a fundamental human right enshrined in national and international law from the Bill of Rights to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Everyone is and should be entitled to speak his or her mind on such matters, and everyone else has the right to listen, or not, as they choose. Because of the central importance of these rights, no person or government is justified in interfering with them.

I know of no other church with as many full-time missionaries around the world as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (50,000-plus), so our interest in this is hardly passive. For Mormons, the driving force is the spiritual duty to witness of Jesus Christ and his gospel. Mormons have such appreciation for the gospel message and the Biblical mandate to take it to the world that they feel compelled to respond to Jesus' invitation to share it.

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